Automatic Storing Systems

Description of line

A storing system is designed for transport and automatic storing of pallets with products between production operations. Before input to the system the pallets are taped. The taped and marked pallets are manually inserted on the input conveyor, oriented and after identification automatically inserted to the container. Based on requirement of following production the chosen pallets are automatically unloaded and transported by connecting tunnel on the dispensing place. The dispensing place serves as well for reverse sending of stacked empty pallets. The container and the connecting routes are an individual fire zone fitted with four openings for passage of conveyors, fire resistance EW 45 DP1.

Dimensions and weight of pallets: 600 x 400 x 470 mm, 40 kg



The equipment is composed of rails and steel column fitted by horizontal and vertical passage. The horizontal passage of column on the support rail fitted to the floor is secured by servo motor by toothed belt placed along the rails. A stability of horizontal movement is ensured by a set of guide rail pulleys. The column of stacker is guided in upper shelf part too. The exact position of stacker is scanned by integrated servomotor with check of zero point in both extreme limits of passage. The area scanner verifies a free throughput of rails. The ends of rail are equipped by sensors for check of position, safety switches and fix end stops.

Vertical passage (lift) is formed by table fitted by roller conveyor. The table is guided on the column by guidance pulleys. A movement is secured by belt gear with integrated servomotor and check of zero point in both extreme limits of passage. Limit positions are equipped by fix stops.


Storing positions are formed by set of driven roller conveyors, controlled by stacker from one side. Each conveyor has the capacity of 7 pcs of pallets. The total storing capacity is 580 pcs of pallets.

Technical solution is adapted for particular user’s intent. It will be modified for different use as needed.

Automatic storage system for washing areas

Storage facilities for washing facilities dishwashers.

- shelf stacker is made of SWISSLOG components - 2 stackers = ca 1 152 positions

- NEDCON shelf system

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