Laser Station – Marking and Degreasing Cells

Publikováno 03. 01. 2019

We successfully installed two laser stations for a Czech manufacturer of locking systems for cars at the end of 2018.

Technical Description of Cells

The laser cell contains two separate workplaces - marking and degreasing. The marking part is used for marking car locks with symbols and codes according to the customer's request. The degreasing part is used for degreasing and roughening the part of metal and plastic surface of the car locks, to which the sealant is then applied.

Marking is carried out by two scanner laser heads, each of which marks one side of the car lock only. Each scanner head has its own laser beam source generated by the fibre laser and its own control computer. The marking part includes a monitor and a keyboard for controlling and modifying the code marked.

Degreasing is carried out by four scanner laser heads, each of which degreases a part of the contour of each car lock only. Each scan head has its own laser beam source generated by the fibre laser. Each laser contains its own control unit and all four lasers are connected to one control computer.

The entire device is embedded in a structure made of aluminium profiles with external sheet metal cover and a door for service and maintenance. Each scanner head is attached to its own automatic feed for adjusting the focus of the marked and degreased area. The components of the device also include the main switchboard, control panel of the control system, control panel with the monitor and the keyboard, and ventilation for suction inside the cell. A suction device is not part of the cell.

The entire device is integrated into the user's line and works under automatic operation. The control system is connected to the user's conveyor system and receives information about the location and type of the car lock.

Transport and setting the car lock into position is ensured by the conveyor, stoppers and centring knives.

Device Dimensions

- width:    2490 mm (without conveyor); 3000 mm (with conveyor)        
- height:    2200 mm        
- depth:    1500 mm (without control panels)

Weight:    1300 kg

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